Beck's Sanitation Services

Beck's Sanitation provides a variety of collection and cleaning services...


Environmentally Sound

Environmentally Focused

Oil Recycling


Waste Reduction

Grease Trap Cleaning

All of that cooking can create quite the greasy mess, quickly filling up your restaurant’s grease trap.


Septic Tank Cleaning

We will monitor and maintain your septic tank to eliminate most human health threats and ensure it works properly.

Storm Water Management

We are equipped to keep your storm water system clear and flowing efficiently.

Car Wash Sump Cleaning

At Beck’s Sanitation, we are fully equipped so that we can capture, haul and dispose of your car wash waste promptly, reliably and cost effectively.

Cooking Oil Recycling

Turn used cooking oil and grease into cash – and protect the environment

Waste Water Management

Our team of professionals can dispose of any waste water in your possession.

Waste Enclosure Cleanup

Our powerful pressure washing systems, together with our professionally trained technicians, will have your waste enclosure clean and free of that greasy grime.

Spill Cleanup

If you have a grease or oil spill, just let us know and our friendly Professionals will take care of it fast and easy for you and your environment.

Used Cooking Oil and Grease Collection

We’ll pay fair market value for your used cooking oils. Beck’s Sanitation will come to your business on a regular schedule, taking the hassle of disposal out of your hands.

Professional Cleaning

Getting rid of used oil and grease is just the first step. Let Beck’s Sanitation clean grease traps, flush sewer lines, and pressure wash waste enclosures. We’ll drop off a clean collection container after every service.