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sugar-house-barbeque-recycles-their-used-cooking-oil-to-help-the-environment-1080x720Restaurant patrons likely give little thought to where the cooking oils and grease go when they’re too dirty to use for food preparation. Or what about the oil and transmission fluid from regular lube jobs? In the past, they went down the drain, often clogging sewers and polluting waterways.

Today, communities are going to great lengths to keep waste oils out of the environment. Beck’s Sanitation is proud to be part of the solution. Let us collect used cooking oil, grease, and petroleum-based waste at your business – and get paid to do it! Think of it as turning your grease to green.

Though there are few laws requiring the recycling of cooking oils and grease, it makes good environmental sense:

  • Grease and oil can easily clog drains and sewer lines, causing backups and pipe ruptures
  • Waste oil can cause serious harm to fish and wildlife once it reaches waterways
  • It has to end up somewhere, and in most cases treatment plants ship the muck to landfills

Why choose Beck’s Sanitation as your used oil collection partner?

  • We are fully licensed and EPA registered
  • We offer long and short-term collection contracts
  • When purchasing oil, we offer competitive market pricing
  • Our process is simple, and we communicate every step of the way
  • Each transaction is documented with a bill of lading for your records

WRE Recyclers recently merged with Beck Sanitation Inc., a leading collector of used oil in Utah. With more than 60 years of experience, BSI brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our recycling partners. For more information or to sign up as a WRE Recyclers partner, fill out our collection form or contact us to get started.

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